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2014 Louisiana Legislative Session Review – Campaign Finance

2014 Louisiana Legislative Session Review – Campaign Finance

The 2014 Louisiana legislative session ended on June 2 and has produced numerous Acts that amend and reform the state’s Elections, Governmental Ethics and Campaign Finance Disclosure laws–with an effective date of August 1, 2014 unless otherwise noted. Not all Act numbers have been designated as of this writing. Here is a short summary of the more impactful legislation enacted into law under the category of Campaign Finance (with Ethics and Elections to be published in the coming days):

Campaign Finance:
HB 1079 clarifies the description of campaign expenditures to require an explanation of the “purpose as it relates to each expenditure” on the report (1/1/15).

Act 613 (HB 265) prohibits the use of campaign funds for purchasing immovable property or a motor vehicle as defined in RS 32:781.

Act 657 (HB 695) provides that Ethics may request clarification or additional information from a candidate, PAC, or other person required to file reports regarding any information disclosed on a report, or that is required to be disclosed.

Act 244 (HB 486) provides that a non-candidate committee (PAC) making a contribution to a candidate committee shall clearly indicate to such that the contribution is from a PAC, either by a designation on the check or by a separate notification attached to the contribution.

Act 792 (HB 431) allows a PAC to avoid penalties for a direct contribution to a candidate, who was an elected official at the time of the contribution and who determines after the contribution was made to seek another office, as long as the contribution is disclosed on a report filed by the PAC prior to the election in which the candidate participates.

Act 786 (HB 213) adds “automated calls using a prerecorded or artificial voice as part of the calling” to the total amount of expenditures that candidates, PACs and other persons are required to disclosure on the Election Day Expenditure reports (EDE); and also relieves candidates, other persons (and previously PACs) from filing the EDE reports if there is no reportable activity on election day (1/1/15).

SB 272 provides for the approval of Ethics forms and reports by the House and Senate Governmental Affairs committees, and for the procedures relevant thereto.