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Issue Advocacy & Lobbying

Ethical & Professional Representation

Burland & Maloy, LLC can handle matters in all legislative subject areas, such as business & employment law, energy & transportation, environmental, oil & gas, forest products, manufacturing, economic development and governmental ethics. We develop and coordinate your entire governmental affairs strategy and provide a broad range of lobbying services before the Louisiana Legislature and the Louisiana congressional delegation in Washington, DC including:

– Issue Advocacy, Grass-roots and Grass-tops services
– Lobbyist registration, reporting & compliance services
– PAC (527) and non-profit (501(c)) formation & management
– Campaign registration, reporting & compliance services
– Introductions to State Agency Key Personnel

We assist our clients with full access to the federal and Louisiana halls of government and forge communication strategies and political alliances that get positive results! Ethical, competent and professional representation for more than 30 years is a reputation that speaks for itself.

Call us and see how we can assist you with advancing the political side of your business!